The Simpson Protocol: Mapping The Subconscious Mind—Setting The Superconscious Mind To Work

By communicating with the mind at deeper levels, you can discover, modify and release issues that otherwise could be hidden. This workshop is to introduce the groundwork for communicating with the subconscious mind at the Esdaile and other deep states.  Using Esdaile as a jumping off point, the Super-conscious Mind can more clearly see the entire landscape of the mind and balance its content to improve the quality of life. This workshop will include a demonstration of the Simpson Protocol with the use of triggers to achieve deep states instantly.


Practical applications of the Protocol will be discussed.

  • The participants will name the different levels of mind that the Protocol opens up.
  • The participants will list the steps to open up the Super-Conscious mind to the different levels.
  • The participants will explain what obstacles they may have to rapid change for their clients that the Protocol addresses.
  • The participants will create modifications within the Simpson Protocols to make the process their own.

Tim Horn BCH, CI owns and operates Hypnoconsult LLC in Manassas, VA.  He became a Certified Hypnotist in 1993 and a Certified Instructor in 2008.  As a public and private school teacher for over 20 years, he enjoys researching how the conscious and subconscious minds work together.  Tim has done extensive work on how patterns are created and can be modified in our everyday lives.  His philosophy is that there are only two things in life, Gifts and Lessons.