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Introducing our first announced featured speaker for 2019

Anthony Galie is an internationally-known author, psychotherapist, business trainer and keynote speaker with 30+ years of experience presenting to many of the world’s top organizations. He’s given thousands of speeches to Fortune 500 audiences and major associations ,including Walmart, Ford, Southern Bell, Sprint, Pfiser, Comcast, Fedex, Accenture, Prudential, and GE,to name a very few.

He has presented in Rome, Paris, London, Cairo, Istanbul, Singapore, and many other countries. He has been recognized as one of America’s 30 Hottest Speakers, and was selected to speak for the prestigious Million Dollar Roundtable – an honor given to less than 1% of all speakers – on four different occasions.

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2019  will be our 5th Heartland Hypnosis Conference and we feel the Anniversary will make for a special and memorable conference! Keep the last weekend in April available to join us in St Louis next year.

Join us for one of the best Hypnosis Conferences in America. Heartland Hypnosis Conference takes place in St Louis, Missouri the last week of April. Hear and see presentation from some of the finest experts in the Hypnosis field sharing their expertise in one of 4 tracks. Learn new innovative and successful techniques and applications from experts in CLINICAL TRACK covering Clinical hypnosis. Find new expert advice from successful stage Hypnotist in the STAGE TRACK. Make the most of your Hypnosis business from experts in BUSINESS TRACK. Study with experts in metaphysical hypnosis in the METAPHYSICAL TRACK.

You will leave this conference with new ideas and techniques that you can apply in your own hypnosis business. Whether you help people quit smoking or lose weight with Clinical Hypnosis or entertain them with Stage Hypnosis this conference is for you. Learn techniques in Metaphysical Hypnosis and of course learn new ways to make money with your business in business track seminars.

The Heartland Hypnosis Conference is one of the most prestigious conferences on hypnosis in the USA. We want you to be part of it in 2019. Join us the last weekend of April and prepare for a very educational and entertaining weekend with some fantastic and very skilled hypnosis experts.

Heartland Hypnosis conference is a presentation of William Mitchell Events. William Mitchell will be a presenter and you can be one too.

Join Anthony Galie and see his featured presentation as well as some fantastic Clinical, Stage, and metaphysical experts in April of 2019.

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For year 5 we want the best speakers putting on the most amazing presentations. We’ve been blessed with great speakers over the past few years. Our goal for 2019 is to put together the best collection of speakers we have ever had. Join in with this group!

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Selena Valentine

Selena Valentine

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Rich Guzzi

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Dan Jamison Goyette

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Father Charles Hart

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Ross DIllon on Social Media usage

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William Mitchell and Erik Kand

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