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Jeff Richards

Jeffrey Richards is a clinical hypnotist, coach, entertainer and business consultant. In practice since 2000, He is a sought-after speaker and trainer, helping fellow hypnotists help more clients while also introducing more people to the benefits of hypnosis. Jeff has offices in Columbus and Gambier, Ohio.

Certified Hypnotist, IMDHA, NGH, ICBCH
Certified Hypnosis Instructor, ICBCH
Licensed Trainer of NLP, Society of NLP

Friday 2pm Business Room, Sunday 3pm Business Room

“Write Your (Darn) Book…NOW!”

Your’re going to write a book. And it’s going to be all but done (maybe all the way done) by the time you leave the conference. This is a real book, one that you can sell through Amazon or your own website. You’ll discover a formula that has been used repeatedly to write books — good books — quickly and easily, and you’re going to use this formula to write your very own book and have it ready for an editor before you leave the conference. If you’re tired of coming up with reasons why you haven’t finished (or started) your book yet, now is the time to use the creativity you’ve been using on your excuses to fill the pages of your first book. Attendees of this class must have use of a computer and internet access during the conference, as well as software that is compatible with MS Word. Please bring with your or make sure you will have access to any books or other printed material that you will be using as source material for your book.

Congratulations, you’ve written a book. Now what? If you want people to read it, you need to make people aware of it, and this one-day class will show you how to do it. We’ll cover branding, marketing, promoting and selling your book in the jam-packed one-day class. You will learn how to make yourself irresistible to media bookers, how to sell more books from whatever platform you have, and how to turn book sales and promotion into opportunities to do more of the work you love. And now that you’ve proven to yourself that you can do it, we’ll cover ways to make your next book even better.

Having completed the three in-conference days of the conference, participants will be able to:
– write a book on any topic.
– create an outline from their own ideas or the works of others to use as a framework for their own book.
– locate and repurpose writings of others for their own books (while adhering to copyright laws and generally accepted standards of citation).
– locate and work with an editor or other collaborator to publish the book.
People who attend the one-day after-conference class in addition to the three days of in-conference classes will be able to:

This is a multi-part class, covering all three days of the conference plus an optional full day postconference. Day 1 will have two hours of in-class instruction and brainstorming (working out titles and target audiences for anyone who doesn’t have that taken care of already). Day 2 will be one hour, going over the work the writers did on Day 1, plus collaborating on fleshing out outlines. Day 3 will be one hour of summation. Optional Day 4 will cover additional material on marketing, branding, writing other kinds of books, and how to use your book to promote your business.
– create a cover for their book and format the contents for both ebook and hard-copy production
– create content for social media to promote their book
– identify and leverage opportunities to promote their book