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Sheila Granger

Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

Sheila gained her certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in the UK with the General Hypnotherapy Standards council eight years ago, and has already been recognised by The India Times as ‘Britains Leading Hypnotist’ and has appeared on National Television on BBC News.
She built her own full time practice based in a doctors surgery in Yorkshire from a standing start in under two years, seeing thirty five clients per week.
A popular speaker at conferences and Universities around the world ,Sheila has trained over 2500 practitioners in nine countries.
Most known for the Virtual Gastric Band programme – Sheila takes hypnosis into new areas. Pioneering an Educational Performance Programme in Schools and Colleges, and taking hypnosis into business, helping them with sales, productivity and mindset.
She has received much national and international attention. BBC News, The Sun Newspaper, Pick me up magazine, Womans weekly magazine, Daily Express, NHS Hospital Radio, India Times, Tenerife News, Melbourne Observor, Fox News.

Friday 5pm Business Room

Easily Build a 35 client per week practice without computers!


There are so many avenues where we can help people with hypnotherapy…

But, we can only help more people with our skill set if we learn as a profession how to become part of our local community and create longevity in our practices.

This ‘‘How to Engage Your Community’’ fast paced presentation focuses on essential attracting client strategies that all hypnotherapists can easily deploy in their own practices:

Sheila will be sharing how she built a sustainable practice in under two years, by becoming part of her local community with:

Essential client referral strategies
Giving talks that sell
Press and Media
Networking that generates referrals
Gaining professional referrals
How to make the most out of your existing client

On average about 6% (about 1 in 18) of adults seek help from a hypnotherapist. That is a lot of potential clients!

“So Good! All ways round, Excellent! Informative, Engaging, Well delivered and of definite value!” – NZ Conference
“Relevant Data that is applicable in my business. Many things to consider”. – NZ Conference
“Lots of practical useful ideas for generating business” – NZ Conference
“By far the best presentation with useable info” – NZ Conference
“Outstanding, absolutely oustanding” – NZ Conference

BehavioralLearning: At the end of this workshop, the learner will be able to:

1. Have a clear understanding of their target audience
2. Leave with practical strategies that can be used immediately
4. Have the marketing “know how” to build their hypnosis business from the ground up

Sunday  Clinical Track Room 1

Evidence Based Approaches with Weight Loss Hypnosis.

ProgramDescription: Weight loss Hypnosis can be the bread and butter of any hypnosis practice.
How many times do you get asked, “Does Hypnosis Work?”. Our potential clients are really asking about proofs.
During this fast paced presentation, Sheila will share her personal route into initial research through to clinical trials for weight loss hypnosis, and how you can do the same in your community.
You’ll learn the key strategies to make your own weight loss sessions super successful and have the opportunity to take part in a group hypnosis aversion technique

Behavioral Learning: At the end of this workshop, the learner will be able to:

1. Have a clear understanding of how to gather hypnosis evidence and proofs
2. Understand how setting client guidelines can improve success rates
4. Effectively use aversion hypnosis with particular food types.