There is a lot of talk about intent, the law of attraction and how thoughts attraction and how thoughts attract like thoughts. Kick if you want but I am a pragmatist who has been through the fire of life and the reality is that all of us carry baggage and that we must unload it if we want to draw a good life to ourselves. Some people are aware of their baggage, others don’t have a clue and wherever you are, you are. My gift I have to offer the world is advice on how to survive the tough times and when you’re not attracting all those good things that have been promised to you and how to step on the path of healing your soul. Many of us spend our lifetime trying to figure out the answer to the questions, “Who are you and why have you been put on this earth? What contribution can you and only you make to the universe?”Each of us is unique and has within us that little glimmer of hope, but many of us don’t know how to transform it into a shining light.

In order to attract good things to yourself you have to take a look at the things that might be standing in the way of the life that is your birthright.


You’re Birthright

You are a spiritual being.

You are entitled to a life of positive choices and dreams.

Your deserve a joyous and happy life.

You are good enough.

You are limitless love and can love limitlessly.

You deserve to fulfill your true potential.

You will is aligned with Divine Will.

You deserve miracles and can be in attunement with the infinite.


Quotation: Each individual soul originated as a star in the night.”-Thomas Moore



How many of your clients feel something is missing in their life or they feel incomplete? Do any of them feel apathy, grief, lust, anger and these emotions are crippling them? People with soul wounds sometimes say “I feel like so and so stole my soul.” Do some of your clients say, “A part of me died?” Are some of your clients not in control of their lives, has lost memories or a memory of incident in their past that happened when they can say, “I feel I lost something and I never got it back.” These people seem to be stuck in their lives and no matter what their learning is can be experiencing sadness and hopelessness and cannot seem to find help regardless of counseling and medication. They often are emotionally numb. Today we are going to be identifying soul wounds which can result in loss of energy and the feelings that are symptomatic with those wounds.


Rock Demonstration of What Soul Wounds Are



  1. Soul Wounds to Children (usually out of conscious awareness)


Early childhood soul wounds cause later adult dysfunctions and maladaptive schemas which they continue to perpetuate in their interactions with people. The earlier the wound occurs, the more power it has over a person’s life.


  1. Inherited (Child will selectively identify with parents thoughts, feelings, experiences and behaviors.)
  2. Physical or Sexual Abuse, Neglect
  3. Misinterpretations
  4. Abandonment




Loss of Home, Pet, Loved One

  1. Observed
  2. Victimization


Soul wounds to children:

  1. Elevate cortisol levels
  2. Changes in adrenal gland enzymes
  3. Changes in hypothalamic serotonin secretions (As a hypnotherpist it is beneficial if you take them back to physiological state before soul wound and lock it in.)


RECOMMENDED READING: Schema Therapy by Young, Klosko and Weisharr

pg 150-151



  1. Physical Threat or Trauma (generally in the conscious awareness)


Any crisis event can cause soul wounds and cause a person to be stuck in grief. The component which is critical in crisis events is the coupling of physical & emotional risk.

  1. Amygdala is in action





Emotional memories in the amygdala system appear to be permanent.

Does not make fine distinctions (PTSD Response)

Is evolutionary




When there is physical risk that soul wound becomes locked in the body and it has to be addressed both physically and energetically.


Soul wounds that can be a threat to a person’s existence can be experienced both individually such as trauma a war veteran experiences or as a group such as 911 or the flood of New Orleans. When a person becomes stuck in that event soul retrieval is important, there is a difference between stuck and learning.


Coping mechanisms are:

Surrender (ex. Does not ask others to nurture or protect.)

Avoidance (ex. Drinking, drugs, avoids intimacy)

Overcompensation (ex. Acts tough and in control)




  1. Wounds Through Relationships (usually in a person’s conscious awareness)


Generally we can exchange soul parts in relationships and not suffer harmful side effect but it becomes harmful if you permanently give or someone takes your soul. Today people are entering and exiting relationships at an alarming rate. Often the exit can be excruciatingly painful and the result is apathy and anger. Have you known someone or have you yourself been in a relationship which broke up and you just can’t seem to get over it? Every waking moment you are miserable, and depression is like a dark cloud around your heart. The wounded person is cloaked in sadness and goes through the motions of living feeling out of step with everyone else. Life seems shattered, overwhelmed and broken and often the results are intense feeling of love, hate and loneliness. Disbelief and surreal feelings are part of your armor. Many of those feeling is a part of breakup of relationships but as time going on most people going through the process of healing. When a person has soul loss through the loss of a relationship they stay stuck in their feelings. They cannot move on towards healing. Soul wounds through the affairs of the heart create grief.


  1. Soul Stealing and Domination ( in the person’s conscious awareness)


Wounds caused by soul stealing and domination would fall under the category of soul wounds acquired through abuse whether it is sexual or verbal. In the case of sexual abuse the soul can leave the body if a person perceives their life is threatened. (Actually that is true if a person is physically threatened under any circumstances. IE; comas)


Soul Loss


Sometimes an abusive spouse will take a partners soul to take their power. The results are the victim will feel cold, dead, discouraged, lost, worthless, shamed, abandoned, betrayed, forgotten, vulnerable, fearful, worried, anxious, stubborn, aloof, haughty, gloating, or unfeeling.


  1. Soul Wounds through Addiction (not in the individual’s conscious awareness)


People who are enmeshed in their addictions loose energy and if that addiction gets to the point that it is controlling their life they will have difficulty sustaining positive interactions with society and people. All addictive habits are locked by patterns of feelings. Addictions not only lead to a person being stuck in their life but energetically deplete a person so they become vulnerable to dark energies. Soul wounds acquired through addiction often cause a person to be stuck in fear in which a person feels anxious, nervous, paranoid, suspicious and threatened. Sometimes the worst part is most of the time the individual is disconnected without any feelings at all, walking through life as a zombie. On the other end the addicted can feel intense feeling of anger resulting in hatred, resentfulness, violence, and harsh words and mean actions.


  1. Soul Wounds Through Past Life Carry overs (not in conscious awareness)


Sometimes people enter into this life time with issues about their own death in one of their past lives or have committed atrocities against human in a past life. Also defiant acts against God as dark witchcraft or voodoo can result in past life soul wounds. The result can be fears, anger and phobias which are unexplained in your current lifetime which have a driving force of their own and bring a negative influence into your current life. Soul wounds acquired through past lives are generally corrected through past life regression except in extreme cases and generally are not in the individuals conscious awareness.


2nd Hour


Students will experience releasing a soul wound for themselves.

Students will learn how to release a  soul wounds through hypnosis both individually and globally.