Ross Dillon

Friday- Business Track

Social Media & Marketing for Your Hypnosis Business

Ross Dillon has operated and developed social strategies for the NBA, Huffington Post, Broadband TV, Fox Sports and ESPN Radio affiliates, and many other popular brands and celebrity personalities.

Using self-developed methods, he created, grew, and operated his own network of social media accounts that annually generate over 1 Billion impressions, 100 Million engagements, and have over 2 Million combined followers.

Ross is no stranger to the stage and hypnosis. He had the privilege of training under world famous hypnotist and comedian Rich Guzzi for several years.

At the Heartland Hypnosis Conference, you’ll learn how to properly use social media to drastically increase your brand awareness, use original strategies to gain the trust of potential clients, generate thousands of eye balls without an advertising budget, and much more!