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Roberta Fernandez

Roberta Fernandez is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor in her 7th year of practice. Her previous 30 years experience in education, finance, hypnosis and training clients include Pentair, Kemps, Target, Sam’s, PMI, and many government and educational institutions. She is in her 7th year of practice, is a Certified Instructor and is Board Certified through the NGH. In addition to owning The FARE Hypnosis Center, Roberta is founder and President of Conscious Napping®.

Degrees, Title, Professional Certifications, etc

BCH, Board Certified Hypnotist

CI, Certified Instructor

Her training includes:

* Complementary Medical Certification, Board Certification, Certified Instructor by the NGH

* Pain Management from the American School of Clinical Hypnosis, International

* NLP Master Practitioner from MIACS

* Pain Certification from Mottin & Johnson

* 5 Path and 7th Path, former CPHI with the Banyan Hypnosis Center

Friday 10am Clinical Room 1

Using Words to Heal not Harm

I recently cut an artery in my leg in an underground parking garage with no cell service! As I tell the story, we analyze mistakes first responders and medical personnel make in working with patients and explore how hypnosis and hypnotic languaging techniques can improve outcomes.

* Recognize communication errors

* Share ideas for better ways of languaging

* Understand how this can knowledge can expand your practice and confidence in training first responders.

Friday 3pm Clinical Room 2

Pain and the Opioid Epidemic:“Where does hypnosis fit with Pain and the Opioid Epidemic”

Chronic pain affects nearly 1/3 of our population, prescription opioid addiction is a massive problem, and the Affordable Care Act requires medical institutions to provide integrative medicine. What a great time for hypnotists! This workshop gives you everything you need to know so you can talk to medical professionals about how hypnosis can be beneficial in pain management. Participants get a free PDF of the book Breaking Free from Pain and Opioids: Discovering the Hypnosis Option. (Also, don’t miss my upcoming class on pain techniques!)

* Learn about the prevalence and costs of chronic pain and opioid use in the US

* Understand how the brain processes pain in the body

* Examine the relationship between pain and stress

* Explore the emotional components that manifest chronic pain

Sunday 2pm-4pm Clinical Room 2

“Using Hypnosis for Helping Clients Successfully Manage Pain”

Not sure of what techniques and tools work best for clients who have pain? This workshop is full of plenty of ideas for your clients. I share my successful techniques, tools and stories and teach you how to write the perfect script for the client in your chair. You’ll have plenty of time to take them out for a test drive on each other, too! (Though not essential, I highly suggest you take my class on Pain and the Opioid Epidemic as a primer for this class!)

Participants get a free PDF of the book Breaking Free from Pain and Opioids: Discovering the Hypnosis Option, research studies, and access to my intake tools for pain clients

* Explore my process for working with pain clients

* Learn and practice at least 5 techniques

* Examine the relationship between pain and stress

* Know the studies and best resources for pain research