Tim Horn The Simpson Protocol Post Conference


Tim Horn Presents

The Simpson Protocol – Working Beyond Esdaile

Remove barriers that lead to “shoot yourself in the foot hypnosis.”
Combine Informed Child, Regression, Forgiveness, Progression,
Easily prepare clients to achieve deeper levels of hypnosis.
Condition your clients quickly and easily using pre-conditioning techniques, so each client can reach the Esdaile level more
Take your clients to the Esdaile level and test to ascertain they are there.
Communicate interactively with the Superconscious and subconscious minds in the Esdaile State and beyond.
Let the Client’s “Superconscious Mind” lead the session to achieve profound outcomes.
Work on all issues and potentially release more than one in a session.
Move toward the Cutting Edge of Hypnosis with what Larry Elman calls “a significant advance in our profession.” If you are
not moving forward, you are standing still.


SP is a complete Holistic approach to Hypnosis, allowing within the session the possibility of a complete change and

outcome for the client, and giving them the emotional and mental foundation to move forward in life.

Called an Advanced system of Hypnosis as it works in very deep states such as the Esdaile state – but in fact Simpson

Protocol (SP) simplifies  and shortens the entire Hypnosis process – allowing for Regression, Chair therapy, gestalt therapy ,

parts therapy and much more in one session while at the same time clients can clear numerous issues in that same session.

It’s a process that makes it easy for the client and simplifies the session for the Hypnotist

This Protocol also famously takes the hypnotists judgment completely out of the process – so the client’s ‘higher’ mind is

free to produce the best and optimum outcomes for the client. The Hypnotist can create no harm, as the Clients ‘Higher”

mind guides the process completely.