Stage Hypnosis Ride Along



Since the first Heartland Hypnosis Conference we have offered “ride alongs” with outstanding stage hypnotists.
We offer opportunities to “Ride Along ” with some of the conference stage hypnotists on Sat. night /Sun. morning performing at area after-proms.
The “ride alongs” are $200. You can learn so much by watching other hypnotists perform their shows. See how the ‘best’ perform their shows and you can improve your shows immediately!
You simply ride with the hypnotist or take your own vehicle and serve as an unofficial assistant. These shows are between 12 am and 4 am, so you are up most of the night. You will not only be seeing the show, but you will have the opportunity before and after, to get one-on-one coaching with your entertainer and answers to specific questions.  
The number of ride alongs with each hypnotist is limited to 3, so get your request in ASAP to ride with the hypnotist you want to watch.

Sailesh Jiawan
William Mitchell
Michael Deschalit
Brian David
Rich Guzzi
and more