SCHOLARSHIP investment


 For Virtual/Online attendance the Scholarship will cover $250 of the $300. This is to insure a “personal investment” the ONLINE Virtual scholarship requires a $50 Dollar investment.U



Scholarship Description

We all attend conferences to LEARN and for the ENCOURAGEMENT of being with our peers, fellow helping professionals, other hypnosis practitioners. At a presenters meeting, the presenters and conference organizer William Mitchell recognized the idea of presenter Sandra Grace to create a scholarship fund for those that may feel they cannot attend this year. WE ALL AGREED.    Many professionals in the field of Hypnotism have had a very difficult year. 2020 was challenging both financially and personally. We want to help our fellow professionals that have experienced a reduction in business and income. This is a first come first serve basis, but it is our intention not to turn anyone away. The Presenters, other Hypnotists and William Mitchell are donating so that our Colleagues and Friends may attend and share in this time of learning and encouragement.  Presenters and attendees are encouraged to recommend this Heartland Hypnosis Conference 2021 scholarship.


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