Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing – Pendulum Dowsing for Hypnotists
  • Would you like to quickly locate the root cause for stated problems and mental and emotional issues for your clients BEFORE they walk in the door?
  • Would you like to know in advance where their energy is stuck — specific relationships, ages, typical life events, activities, events, beliefs, judgments, addictive thinking, fears, defense mechanisms, archetypes, secondary gain, etc?
  • Would you like to know quickly what is key to maintaining their overeating, smoking, bad habits or addictions?
  • Would you like to raise your client effectiveness to another level?
  • Would you like to find and resolve your own blind spots, and be your own therapist as well anytime day or night?
  • Would you like to tap into the wisdom within for your personal, business, and practical matters of all kinds?
Being able to do so infinitely helps you to effectively guide the client interview, ask key questions, determine the best strategy and techniques that are likely to be the most useful on any given session thereby increasing your speed and effectiveness. Use dowsing to find the underlying components to any problem – that of your clients or yourself. And as you heal yourself, your own life dramatically improves. 
Dowsing is one of the most practical and powerful modalities you can learn. It can be applied to problem solving of any kind — relationships, stress, mental, emotional or spiritual issues, health, marketing, business strategies, and more. I do it everyday to reduce stress, extract the wisdom and positive learning from any experience, set goals, prioritize tasks, and solve problems BELOW THE LEVEL OF CONSCIOUS AWARENESS. As a result, I have grown exponentially and improved all areas of my life in which I direct this phenomenal tool. It has increased my peace of mind, improved my relationships and sleep.
Dowsing involves going into a lightly altered state of mind with a clear intention, and specific questions to obtain desired information for which you have the legitimate right to know. Once the information is obtained, your positive intention and healing is broadcast telepathically to yourself, or the person or situation requiring it. So while working with clients in or out of office, in or out of session, you can broadcast an image of them being healed in whatever appropriate way is in keeping with their seeking your help. This is a special blessing when loved ones are ill. Telepathic healing is then akin to very structured and powerful prayer.


Why Hypnotherapists should learn Pendulum Dowsing:

Pendulum Dowsing locates issues very fast. It allows you to quickly grasp the broader dynamics so you become more comprehensive and effective! 

This translates into greater productivity and client satisfaction, and enhanced reputation, more referrals, and greater job satisfaction for you.

Benefits of Dowsing for the Hypnotherapist:

  • Rapidly locate the root cause and other factors involved in any issue even before a client walks in the door!
  • Pinpoint what needs to be addressed before the intake interview! This can guide the intake process itself by knowing what questions to ask!
  • Establish priorities and a treatment plan!
  • Track client acceptability of various hypnotic interventions and proper pacing!
  • Set up a strategy for problem solving of any kind – personal or professional!
  • Clear causative factors or determine a strategy to do so!
  • Determine the client’s subconscious motivation to solve his problem/reach his goal, do his part to help himself!
  • Quickly determine where a client is stuck and use dowsing to clear it!
  • Use for marketing strategies, finding an office, and a host of other practical business matters!
Dowsing whether done using a forked stick, L-rods, bobber or pendulum is a wonderful way to tune into the vast information stored in the unconscious and superconscious mind. While historically been used to locate water, gold and ores, and more recently applied to locating missing persons, pets, objects such as unexploded bombs, it can be used for literally everything INCLUDING every aspect of your client work, business and personal matters.
As a hypnotherapist, I use it extensively to locate and clear stuck energies, both for myself on a regular basis, and for my clients. Stuck energies include mental and emotional issues and upsets that have piled up and make dealing with current issues, staying healthy or healing if you are ill, achieving your goals, and living your life with enthusiasm and abundant vitality much more difficult. So freeing up this energy is vital to all areas of your life. It includes not just the unpleasant memories but also the negative beliefs and judgments about those events that continue to color your world and limit you in multiple ways including resolving it effectively.

How does energy get stuck?

Basically, energy gets stuck when it is unprocessed. Perhaps when an upset occurred, you or your client didn’t know how to deal with it and, therefore, didn’t. Perhaps you were too young. Perhaps you didn’t have the skills, or the awareness of what you were registering on an unconscious level. Perhaps your family, culture or religion taught you to deny and not express your thoughts and the resulting emotions. So you may have stuffed your feelings instead of quickly resolving them thereby avoiding future issues.
On the other hand, even if you had the awareness of the importance of resolving issues and even the therapeutic skills, you may have had neither the time or energy to do so. This frequently happens during a crisis, ill health, or overwhelm. By the time the emergency passes, you may be so busy on catching up on other needed tasks, that you lack any interest in going back to dealing with past unpleasantries.

The Unpleasant Wake-Up Call

As you are aware, unprocessed negative emotions and the non-beneficial thoughts have a way of surfacing as illness, insomnia, nightmares, relationship issues, increasing irritation, explosive bursts of anger, depression, malaise, and problems of all types. Consequently, it is important process them as quickly as possible. However, many times what you think is resolved does not stop the negative repeating pattern. This indicates that you never addressed the root cause or other important factors.

Dowsing can help!

This is where dowsing is profoundly helpful to locate what you missed. Yes,  you can do hypnotic regression work, or unconscious healing modalities, but all are very time consuming and require the assistance of someone else (if it is for yourself). Here is where you can do powerful self-healing as well as cut to the chase with your clients as well.

dowsing cover front

In addition to this all day comprehensive Pendulum Dowsing Course specifically geared for hypnotherapists, you will receive Roxanne’s thick manual, Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing with 213 pages of instruction, charts and checklists valued at $39.95, PLUS a 44 page Addendum, PLUS a follow-up phone call during the first month to answer any of your questions. All this for $250 total.
If you already have purchased the manual, speak to the instructor.