HypnoKinesthetics is a therapeutic, kinesthetic methodology that combines, hypnosis, coaching and several new and modified, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) patterns such as the Dancing S.C.O.R.E pattern to create meaningful change, deep healing and powerful life solutions by accessing and expressing information stored within the powerful mind-body relationship in a way that mobilizes and makes available these deep resources

One Day Post Conference 4-29-18


Patricia Vessey Post Conference Monday April 29th

Participants will learn about the HypnoKinesthetics methodology and the various kinesthetic NLP patterns and coaching process. They will experience several processes and practice leading others so they can use it with clients, teams and others.

1. Overview of HypnoKinesthetics methodology including benefits, when, where, how to use.

2. Learning will include the NLP processes

a. Dancing Score (S.C.O.R.E)

b. Timeline

c. Somatic Syntax

d. Spatial Anchoring

e. Spatial Sorting

f. Circle of Excellence

g. My modified pattern

h. And additional HK patterns

3. Experience the modified pattern

4. Practice patterns in small group/pairs

5. Participants will learn kinesthetic patterns/strategies for accessing and mobilizing inner resources in helping clients resolve challenges.

6. Participants will be able to articulate process and lead clients, and/or groups through patterns.