Michael DeSchalit Setting up a virtual office


Let Michael show you how to set up a virtual office!!

ttendees will learn how to set up a virtual practice from start to finish. I will cover why you would want a virtual practice over a brick and mortar office and the pros and cons of both. I will show you EVERYTHING you will need to do to set up your virtual practice and will even tell you the easiest way to do it, including all of the conduits I use to run my virtual practice. Nothing gets left out and my book of knowledge is entirely open to you. I will save you hundreds of hours of research on all of the tools necessary to do it for the least amount of money (about $100 to get started and less than $75 per month to keep it running)!!! I will also cover how I market my practice too.



Are you tired of paying office rent? Would you like to be able to see clients where ever you are? Would you like to be able to exxpand your clients on a Global level? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, then this class is for you!!!