Dr Randi Konikoff The H.I.N.N.T. Protocol



The H.I.N.N.T. Protocol

Hypnosis INeural Network Transformation

One day pre-conference training – Thursday, April 25th, 2019

Price – $247

To achieve lasting change, the brain must be altered.  Changes in neural networks are responsible for both positive and negative results. Hypnotists and their clients benefit from intentionally rebuilding healthy neural pathways through the use of hypnotic suggestions.

Translate and explain this area of brain science for its powerful use in hypnosis.

Learn how to harness the brain’s natural process of rewiring connections to achieve health and healing.

Witness a demonstration of the subconscious mind acting in agreement to eliminate debilitating emotional and physical limitations.

Practice the 5 essential elements of the protocol on attendees and experience its effectiveness.

Understand the protocol’s potential for healing thought patterns which result in changes to emotions, behaviors and lives.

Engage in discussions on the multiple applications for use with this protocol in hypnosis.

Receive a workbook highlighting the 5 essential elements of H.I.N.N.T.