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Petra Frese      

Petra Frese holds a M.Sc.Eng. degree and is a researcher of molecular genetics, biochemistry and biotechnology, BCH and DCI. She is a certified expert and trainer of communication, body-language and micro-expressions and runs private practices in the USA, PA and in Switzerland. Petra gained over 25 years of experience in science and industries and was a voluntary firefighter for almost ten years. Her passion is to integrate latest science, analytical thinking and spiritual guidance into hypnosis practice. She applies shamanic healing techniques and angelic light work to complement her holistic approach.

Petra will be presenting in both Metaphysical and Business Tracks

Friday 1p-2p Metaphysical Room

Shamanism – Another way of hypnosis?

Have you ever been interested about hypnosis in the context of other cultures which have developed techniques to reach the various levels of consciousness as well? Petra is giving an overview of Native American culture, specifically healing tools based on the transcendent methods and helpers (spirit animals and herbs) of a shamanic journey which she will take you on in this workshop. Experience this method, compare it to modern hypnosis and broaden your view to possibly enhance your success.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:
1) Provide insight into Native American Shamanism – A European view
2) Explore 4 Native American healing techniques
3) Understand the concept and parallels between shamanic journeys and hypnosis
4) Experience a shamanic journey
5) Connect with your Spirit Animal
6) Reflect and discuss the take away for the modern hypnosis practice

Native American Shamanism and its philosophy in modern times and the application of the shamanic techniques as an alternate way to induce the hypnotic transcendent state. This allows to broaden your tool box and for yourself or to connect with your spirit guides.

Sunday 1-3 pm Business Track

Body Language-How to Read Your Client

Did you ever desire to read your client’s mind? If you wish to have way more efficient, sustainable and rewarding hypnosis sessions, this workshop is for you. – Experience to decipher the underlying truth of what your vis-à-vis is telling you with his/ her words. Learn and practice to read the non-verbal cues. Make your business- and private life easier by using this knowledge. Increase your professionalism and your impact by learning the body language code.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:
•Know the 3 channels of communication
•Value their significance
•Name 4 types of communicators
•Recognize and analyze at least 4 different handshakes
•Recognize and analyze at least 2 different positions of feet/ legs
•Identify 3 indicators for non-authentic behavior

This program lifts the hypnotist’s self-awareness to a higher level and makes rapport building much easier to improve results and also helps to make life much easier and more peaceful. This can be achieved by avoiding pitfalls due to misunderstandings.

Sunday 11am – 12pm Metaphysical Room

Earth Angels – How to heal emotional wounds?

Based on Doreen Virtue’s Earth Angel concept, Petra developed this even further and shares her experiences and guides you to experience it for yourself in this workshop. She is explaining what the benefits of this knowledge are for you in your daily hypnosis practice. Petra shows and helps you to explore the healing potential of this approach. – Whenever she shares this wisdom with her clients, spontaneous enlightenment occurs by understanding their own situation accompanied by healing of their emotional wounds.
This is valuable information and experience for the hypnotist, also – Are YOU an Earth Angel? What is the purpose? Can you heal your wounds as well?

Behavioral Learning Objectives:
1) Understand the concept or Earth Angels
2) Differentiation to “classical” Angels
3) Learn about 5 types of Earth Angels
4) Hear about their 3 main characteristics each
5) Recommendations how to unfold their full potential
6) Find out whether you are one of them
7) How does this knowledge help in your hypnosis sessions?

Earth Angels as a concept to facilitate healing in an easier to grasp fashion is what Petra is presenting. This allows to get a deeper understanding of life’s challenges which in turn makes it easier to bear them and to allow healing to happen.