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Patrick Boulanger

Former Marine, current SC State Guard Search and Rescue Technician from Chicago’s southside, is owner operator of two Myrtle Beach SC based businesses.

HypnoServices is a hypnosis wellness company dedicated to “Teaching People Hypnosis For a Better Life”. Using 5 PATH, 7th Path and other intuitive based techniques, Patrick helps empower people with tools to transform their lives toward success and peace.

HS Shows which “Entertains and Trains”, performs award winning hypnosis stage shows nationally and offers “Game Show Mania” as part of their menu of services.

HypnoServices and HS Shows are the most unique hypnosis companies in the business.

Saturday 1pm Clinical Room 2

First Responder First Aid for Mental and Emotional Health

As a citizen soldier with the South Carolina State Guard Search and Rescue Command and former Marine, I recognized a great need for a program designed to help first responders cope with rescue and recovery missions.

I set out to create a program designed to help first responders :

to release useless emotion of trauma from their nervous system

to reduce or neutralize the effects of trauma residue

learn, use and maintain a system for ongoing trauma effect “hygene”

Teach those to help themselves who suffer from Post Traumatic Sleep Disorder.