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Patricia Vessey

Patricia is a third year presenter at HypnoThoughts Live in Las Vegas.  Her parallel careers in social work and management (over 30 years) with the State of Washington and as a health coach and fitness trainer has allowed her to help employees, students and clients access and utilize powerful mind body solutions to resolve and heal challenges.  


As an author, instructor and trainer, Patricia has created and taught a variety of presentations at numerous conferences for many years (more on her website). She has taught monthly hypnosis weight loss classes since 2012 and hypnotized thousands of people. Patricia is a sought after presenter with numerous positive reviews.  She is passionate about helping others discover, access and thrive in their own unique inner resources so they can achieve their goals and live their best life.

Friday 1-3pm Clinical Room 2

Hypnokinesthetics, NLP Mind-Body Healing Solutions

Lecture, demo,  group experience, partner work

Proposed Program Description:

HypnoKinesthetics is a therapeutic, kinesthetic methodology that combines, hypnosis and several new and modified, kinesthetic NLP patterns such as the Dancing S.C.O.R.E and other energy psychology and coaching modalities to create meaningful change, deep healing and powerful life solutions by accessing and expressing information stored within the powerful mind-body relationship in a way that mobilizes makes available these deep resources.


Behavioral Learning Objectives:

Objectives – Participants will be able to understand, articulate and utilize the HypnoKinesthetics methodology and the patterns involved in the technique.


  1.  Lecture – 5 NLP patterns
  2. Somatic Syntax
  3. Spatial Sorting and Anchoring
  4. Dancing Score (S.C.O.R.E)


  1. Ecology Check Pattern
  2. Modified pattern
  3.   Demo
  4.   Practice pattern in small group/pairs
  5.   Group participation        
  6.  Participants will be able to articulate process and lead clients, and/or groups through this pattern.