Michele Burghardt

Saturday- Business Track 11a

Is Your Marketing Becoming a Money Pit? It Doesn’t Have To . . .

Learn the marketing fundamentals that will help you identify your perfect client, narrow your focus, streamline your efforts, and get more bang for your marketing buck. The ‘spray & pray’ method does nothing but cost you money without a promise of results in return.

With some understanding of basic marketing principles you can gain the attention of the exact person you want to work with and offer them the specific services to solve their problem all while decreasing your marketing investment.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a money pit if you understand the normal response rates of different marketing tactics and can manage your expectations accordingly. It’s said that half of all advertising is wasted – we just don’t know what half. No, that’s not good news – but it doesn’t mean you should pull the plug on all marketing. If you aren’t marketing your business, you’re leaving the door open for someone who is. Marketing is a necessary evil for any successful business. You just want to be careful where and how you spend your marketing dollars.

This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Apply marketing best practices
  • Create a practical marketing budget
  • Implement marketing strategies best suited to your practice

Saturday- Business Track  1pm

How to Break Through Belief Blocks to Attract Success

As hypnotherapist we understand the mind/body connection. But do we understand how it applies to attracting success in our business?

Let’s clear the air first. The first step in attracting success is ‘ACTION’. You can’t sit on your couch, chant affirmations, and expect clients to come knocking on your door to hand you cash. It just doesn’t work that way. And even if it did, if you have some old, outdated beliefs about money – you might be able to attract it – but probably not able to hold on to it.

Studies show that 95% of everything we do is driven by our subconscious mind. Once the subconscious grabs ahold of a belief it sends the neuro-signals out to the body to make sure the body’s physical activities create the results to match the mental pictures of those beliefs. Studies also show that our ability to form new beliefs decreases to almost nil by the time we are 12 years old. So you can see how an old money story can mess with your income over the course of your career.

Money stories are often passed down from generation to generation. If you grew up in a household where money was considered the root of all evil; how hard do you think your brain will work to keep you from having money? Really, really hard! It’s not doing this purposefully to keep you unhappy. On the contrary, it does this for the same reason it does everything; to serve and protect you. You brain

need to be taught that this money story needs a new chapter and an ending that is totally different from before.

Hypnotherapy is a great tool for updating belief systems because it goes directly to the root cause. It fixes the engine – not the car. Not only can you retrain the brain to expect, scan, and execute on the concept of financial success; you can also use hypnosis to remove any additional blocks surrounding self-confidence and worthiness that may be competing for the same negative space. Experts differ on the number of blocks they think we may have. This really doesn’t matter because it only takes one to keep you from experiencing success and living the beautiful life you want.

Michele Burghardt has a BA in Business Management and is a certified consulting hypnotherapist and life coach. She has over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience; including 15 years as a marketing consultant and five years as a practicing hypnotherapist. She is currently the founder of The Savvy Mind, a practice which focuses on helping business owners and professionals attract abundance.