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Martin Castor

International Speaker from Denmark

Martin Castor Peterson is multi-certified and Succesful International Trainer based in Denmark. He is well known for his modern, fast and unique approach, and have created several new powerful hypnosis techniques. Definitely a very popular lecturer at HypnoThoughts Live 2014-18 and also an award winning trainer.
He is the chief trainer of The Hypno Academy based in Vegas, inventor of The Induction Formula and SoulKey Therapy. Taught hypnosis in over 16 different countries and performed in more than 15. He has been a radiohost for several years in USA, and a consultant and featured expert on various TV shows with his hypnosis skills in Europe.

Receiver of IHF’s Award of Excellence of International Education 2013.
Receiver of ICBCH’s Award of Contribution to Hypnotherapy 2018
Receiver of ACHE’s Award of Special Recognition of an Outstanding Professional Presentation 2018
Certified HNLP & NLP Trainer
Certified Trainer in Brain-basedLeadership & Training
Certified NLP Practitioner & Master NLP Practitioner.
Certified Master Hypnotherapist.
Certified Transformational Leadership Consultant.
Certified Executive & Professional Life Coach.
Certified clinical hypnotherapist.
Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist.
Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.
Instructor of: Body language, mindfullness, self hypnosis & advanced Hypnotherapy & communication

It is a rare accomplishment but this year International guest Martin will be presenting in 3 tracks

Saturday 11am Stage Track

Real Fast Speed Inductions

Real Fast Speed Inductions for stage, demo’s and clinical use.
Martin is know for his rapid work and induction formula.
He will show you his top 5 inductions that works even on resistent people.
Step up your game and get to pick Martin‘s brain on this workshop.

  • Behavioral Learning Objectives:

  • Get bullit proof inductions that works on anyone.

  • Learn why inductions work with the Induction Formula.

  • Understand the science of inductions so you can improviser and succeed anywhere and anytime.

Saturday 2pm Clinical 1

Dreamself technique – The ultimate finale for every session.

Imagine a technique that works with integration of inner child, unleashing hidden potential, positive reframing and resources, integration of skillsets, making peace with self and teh past, finding the love for life, adapting all positives from the previous session, empowering the client with success, changeing the brain to more succes and power… and more. In 1 tool.
Well, that is the Dream Self technique.

1. Integrate dreams and present skills
2. Make the client accept their life and body
3. Let the client make peace with their past
4. Fully integrate the inner child
5. Get any client to release stress and wake up with a smile

Sunday 3-4pm Metaphysical Track


The ultimate Past Life Technique and more…

Advanced Past Life Regression, Soul Communication & Life between life therapy.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a believer or not, religious or not or even believe in hypnosis.
SoulKey Therapy is the most powerful tool on the market, and secures a life changing and insightful experience for 98% of all clients.

Where clients gets closed doors or just “blackness” – SoulKey therapy has techniques to ensure clients get whats waiting for them. Everything beyond the conscious mind.

Martin has taught this all over the world, and SoulKey has been out for exactly 10 years now. Go further with less and simple tools.. The key to the clients soul will unlock wisdom.

Martin has really created a golden path here for spiritual hypnosis that applies to everyone.

  • New ways to think about Past lives and how to work with it.

  • Insightful philosophy about the soul

  • How this can benefit clients

  • How to work with clients who were told “they can not go into hypnosis” – BUT THEY CAN

  • Why this works as a powerful therapy