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Mark Lakowske

Mark D. Lakowske – Master Hypnotherapist®, Certified Therapeutic Coach®, CMPNLP, CMPHNLP, CRP, REV, SM

Wisconsin’s Leading Motivational Mindset Expert for Sadness, Direction & Life Empowerment!

Traditionally practiced by indigenous healers and Hawaiian families, Hoʻoponopono is a spiritual practice that is all about reconciliation and forgiveness. It’s a “cleaning” process from what isn’t working for you so you no longer have to suffer from a current or past problem.

The belief is that any person or object that we interact with creates an invisible energetic cord between us and the person or object. Cutting these cords at sunset and releasing them to the sun would allow the relationship between people/things to start anew each day.

Ho’oponopono means to “make right”. As healers that’s what we aim to do for people.

Sunday 9 am Business Room

 Professional Papers for the Passionate Practitioner .

Proposed Program Description:

Description: When I was first starting out I had the hypnosis skill, but was never taught what I needed to include on a consultation intake form. I had no clue about “Welcome Packets” or what information should I get when a lead calls or emails me?…Then when they became a client how should I keep track of their sessions or what do I need to chart? Let alone I didn’t know how to write a Doctor referral letter or a letter of termination if I had to let a client go. I realized that if I had this problem than others must too. Over the years I’ve had to learn and develop many of my own forms, scripts & templates that help me run my practice successfully. Documents covered in this class include – *Phone/Email Scripts for lead inquiries, *Consultation Directions/Instructions, *Intake Forms, *Bill of Rights, *Welcome Packet, *What to include during a Consultation, *Pre/Post Homework Sheets, *Charting Form, *Client Session Tracker, *Dr. Referral Letters, *Termination of Client Program Letter and more. My objective is to give people 
just starting out a “Starter Pack” of forms to help them get their practice off to a successful start! 

Friday 9am Metaphysical Room

Release any attachment to unwanted Behaviors with Hypnotic Ho’Oponopono

Proposed Program Description:

Hypnotic Ho’Oponopono Demo (teaser for the Post Conference)
Description: Hypnotic Ho’Oponopono is used to enhance &/or release any attachment to unwanted habits, beliefs, behaviors or people at the subconscious & interpersonal level. It will allow your client (or yourself) to disconnect from how they have represented a person/thing/situation which no longer serves them & their life.

This technique is definitely a “go to” and a “must have” tool for any practitioner!