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Mark Howell

Mark Howell is a Certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists and an ordained minister.  Since 2010 he has been helping people change their lives for the better using hypnosis, mindfulness training and coaching. Mark has also worked closely with a Financial Planning firm helping develop marketing materials and sales presentations as well as presented over 400 seminars in the St. Louis Metro area on Financial Planning.

Saturday 5p-6p Business Track

How to Protect Your Hard Earned Business from Financial Devastation Due to Illness or Death

Proposed Program Description:
Learn how you can protect your family from financial loss due to serious illness, poor planning or death using a simple tool that you may already own.  Also learn the 5 ways to pass on assets to your heirs and pros and cons of each so you can secure your hard-earned assets.  Don’t make your family or friends have to post requests online for financial help because you’ve fallen on hard times due to illness or some other life event.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:
Learn the 5 ways to pass on assets to your heirs.
Discover the common misunderstandings about estate planning and protection.
Know the difference between a Will and a Trust and how each works.
Find out how to provide funds for serious illness, long-term care and disability without breaking the bank.