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Lois Herman

Hypnosis Affiliations: BCH – Board Certified Hypnotist
CI – Certified Instructor (NGH)
OB – Order of Braid (NGH)
NLP-T (Trainer with National Federation of NLP)
SRT – Spirit Release Trainer

Lois Hermann

is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor, and Neuro-Linguistics Programming Trainer with decades of experience in Emotional Freedom Technique, Spirit Release Training, and other advanced hypnosis techniques. A multi-registered medical professional, Lois has extensive experience in corporate leadership and education. She enjoys coaching via sessions, seminars, presentations, and shows. A published author of several hypnosis-based books, Lois regularly shares insightful articles and blogs. She is passionate about empowering clients to release the pain of the past, embrace the gift of the present, and achieve their goals to create lasting success.

Multiple Medical Registrations:
RDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer)
RDCS (Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer)
RVT (Registered Vascular Technologist)
Reiki Master-Teacher

Saturday 1-3pm Metaphysical Room

Integrating Mind, Body & Spirit with Hypnosis.
Align the Conscious, Subconscious & Superconscious for Permanent Change

Hypnotists are uniquely positioned to help clients balance all aspects of themselves: Mind, Body & Spirit. We are familiar with the mind-body connection, yet the spiritual connection is what inspires people to make choices. Spiritual awareness is often missing in today’s culture. Clients long for guidance, comfort, and clarity. Lois Hermann has been hugely successful in assisting clients to breakthrough at powerful levels, guiding them to tap into their inner wisdom. Learn how she works within their belief system, helping them to clear negative thoughts, energies, and spirits, to create permanent and lasting change for healthier, positive and inspired living.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:
1.      Participants will define the importance of the intake process.
2.      Participants will describe differences in past life, spirit life, and epigenetic memories.
3.      Participants will experience an example of the Mind, Body & Spirit process.
4.      Participants will explain the most important action to take for permanent change.

Sunday 10-11 Metaphysical Room

Inspiring HOPE Though Hypnosis –
Embracing the Power of the SUPER-Conscious Mind

Hypnotists are uniquely positioned to help clients get answers to life’s challenges by guiding them to tap into their Superconscious or Wise Mind. Since we are mind, body and spirit beings, helping the mind is only one part of the equation. When we assist clients to align all of themselves… mind, body & spirit… into a state of balance, they embrace their full potential, become happy and at peace. As clients connect with their version of spirit, they discover hope.