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Electronics in hypnosis made simple!”

Expressing to other hypnotist the ease in which to incorporate “Electronics in Hypnosis” is a challenge I am determined to overcome. I would like to demonstrate as well as educate you to the use of electronics in your practice making it easy enough for anyone to overcome. Actually there are no challenges if we look at “electronic Hypnosis” as basic. Basic it is. It is easier than hypnotizing a client in the typical 200 year old way, “Face to Face!” Your interest, desire and motivation to understand electronics is all that is needed for success. There lies our challenge. The lack of interest because of the lack of understanding.

I recall electric shop in high school and when we touched a wire to a battery the bulb lit. Magic! No, just common sense of how a light emits energy. Imagine putting a set of headphones on your client and a microphone aimed at your mouth and having your client hearing you! Magic! No, just electronic hypnosis. The difficulty here is seeing a reason to use headphones. Lets begin with this question.

Imagine the attempts to hypnotize a client without any distractions. You could use a sound proof room, hypnotize your client at 2:00AM when the city is sleeping or just take your chances that all will be quiet until you are finished.

Larry Garrett first gained national attention with the publication of his book “Healing the Enemy”.

In 2001 Larry was in Iraq hypnotizing Uday Hussein. In fact on September 11 of 2001 He was in Bagdhad. His book tells the story of how he became therapist to Hussein and it is riveting. The release of this book in 2008 made Larry one of the more well known clinical hypnotherapist in the USA.

Larry not only told his story in the book but shared it throughout the world via interviews on American and European media. Below are excerpts from the nationally syndicated Dennis Miller Show, WGN Radio from Chicago and BBC Radio from the UK


10:00 – 12:00 ““You’ve learned rapid inductions, so now what: Now that you can drive the car, How do you Park”?

We all love Rapid Inductions !

Now what do we do? There is so much more.

Larry explains how some hypnotherapists and others get so excited they have induced someone into hypnosis that they miss opportunities to really do good for their clients.

Larry always delivers at Heartland!!!

Larry Garrett is a Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. He has been in practice since 1970, operating the longest, largest and most sophisticated hypnosis center in Chicago. He has received nationwide recognition and many awards for his outstanding contributions in hypnosis.  Larry has received the highest of awards from the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Larry Garrett began his training in 1968 in hypnosis under the direction of Fred Schiavo at the National Hypnosis Institute. He then studied at the Universal Hypnotic Institute. He received training in electronic methods of hypnosis from a Rockford physician. He received further training from Dr. Ed Stormer, PhD of Governors State University.

For 29 years, Larry was an instructor of hypnosis at Morton College and Wright College, offering the first hypnosis class in Illinois at a community college. He is a consultant and instructor to many doctors, dentists, psychologists, lawyers and other professionals in the art of hypnosis for their respective fields.

Regularly, Larry facilitates courses and workshops at many community organizations and private groups. He has lectured, taught and demonstrated hypnosis at over four hundred colleges, universities and high schools in over thirty states. He has trained, as well as worked with, many Chicago area police departments using hypnosis to aid in recall and investigative work.

A few of the many corporations that Larry has worked for smoking cessations and stress management programs are: Baxter, R.R. Donnelley, ADP, General Motors, Kodak, World Book and Borden Foods.

His publicity has included appearances on over three hundred radio and TV talk shows and many featured articles have been written about his work in hypnosis. In 1976, Larry wrote a featured column on hypnosis under the direction of Editor Hurley Green, a first for a Chicago newspaper.

Larry began using electronic methods of hypnosis in 1973 and incorporated these techniques, utilizing the most modern equipment, to aid in the success of his clients. He has hypnotized an estimated sixty thousand individuals, including many celebrities, professionals, and public officials who fly in from various parts of the world to be hypnotized by Larry Garrett.

Larry was one of the more popular speakers at Heartland Hypnosis Conference and he returns this year with more great stories, answers to your questions, and techniques and hints to help all of our attendees. Larry Garrett returns to the 2019 Heartland Hypnosis Conference with his presentation “Now that you can Drive , How do you park? It will be a highlight of this years Conference.