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Ken-Adi Ring CH, CI, LMT, DM

Certified Yoga Instructor (CYI), Licenced Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified Hypnotist (CH), Certified Instructor (CI),

Wisdom of Mindfulness: 

“Protocol of Mindfulness In Self Hypnosis” this presentation will part lecture presentation and part practicum

Lecture, presentation, demonstration, and two practice sessions
Proposed Program Description:
We will participate in utilizing the power of your mind to learn to quieten or simply be with in the moment the ramblings of the mind, to have breakthroughs in mindful self-conscious application. Circumnavigating the power of consciousness, breathwork and mindfulness meditation will be utilized to bring about what amounts to self-hypnosis. Introduction to using a marriage of the recent and most ancient technology to create change we will arc your abilities to experience transformation in your neuro pathways affecting neuroplasticity.  Letting your light shine from within is our goal.
Behavioral Learning Objectives:
To learn to quieten the ramblings of the mind to live in the now whatever the ‘now’ is presenting. To teach and lead through examples of support for meditation utilizing Practice modules. Make space for participants to experience Open Awareness as well as Body/Mind sense awareness and to apply this work to their practice and client relationships. Circumnavigating the power of self-hypnosis, breathwork and meditation.
Biographical Information:
Ken-Adi Ring CH, CI, LMT; is member: IACT & NGH; Hypnotherapist since 2003, Certified Instructor since 2010 Owner/CEO Tri-Unity Wellife Associates since 1975, Ring is certified yoga/meditation instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor. Trained and Taught Yoga and Meditation; Kundalini, Kriya and Tantric from 1973, Hatha Teachers Training Certificate, (1984) Trained in Meditation with the Himalayan Institute and Vipassana over the years, and recently with Tergar (Buddhist) Meditation Community.