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Jo Moon

Jo Moon trained as a Medical Support-Clinical Hypnotherapist and currently maintains a busy full-time private practice in Springfield, MO. She is a graduate of the HAA and was privileged to be in classes taught by the legendary Gil Boyne. Her training included extra work in Accelerated Healing and Pain Control, C-NLPS with Patrick Singleton, Sports Hypnosis with Bob Reese, and Integrative Life Coaching with Melissa Tiers. She is a NGH member.

Sunday 11am Clinical Room 1

Sports Hypnosis Mascot & Mottos

  • Proposed Program Description:
    Ever wish you could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee? This interactive workshop will give you a rapid technique to help athletes build constructs that work at the identity level to enhance personal empowerment. Assist your athletes to identify and integrate a personal mascot and motto into their visualizations. Successful athletes know that optimal training for peak performance consists of 20% physical conditioning to 80% mental conditioning (or more)!”Behavioral Learning Objectives:
  •        Participants will learn the ABC’s of instant state change for athletes
  •        Participants will identify the appropriate time during sports hypnosis training to teach clients how to identify their power animal
  •        Participants will learn about and practice power poses
  •        Participants will review common mottos used by athletic superstars and how to guide their athletes to develop personal statements that resonate with the sport in which they participate

Sunday 1pm -3pm Metaphysical Room

Autogenic Mindfulness for Spiritual Expansion – 2 hour

Proposed Program Description:
Expanding on basic autogenic training that most hypnotists touched on during their training, this class will help you take it to the next level. We are going to take an in depth look at the Advanced Meditative Exercises and how to effectively utilize them with 21st century clients whether for focus, self-improvement, or healing.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:

  •        Participants will become knowledgeable of the 6 steps of the basic formula of Autogenic Training
  •         Participants will experience the Advanced Meditative Exercises
  •         Participants will learn to create Intentional Formulas
  •         Participants will develop and practice Organ Specific Formulas