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Jim Wand

Jim Wand is the founder and owner of Wand Enterprises, The Hypnosis Agency representing hypnotists, mentalists, ventriloquists, comedians and magicians. He has been involved in the field of hypnosis for over 30 years. Jim Wand has a BS in Psychology, and an MS in Counseling.  He has over 11,000 professional engagements to his credit and is considered to be one of the top hypnotic entertainers in the world today. He has performed in every state and 10 foreign countries, many on multiple occasions.  He also is considered an expert in the field of personal and group motivation. Besides his entertainment background he operated a very successful hypnosis practice for 8 years employing 3 full time hypnotists besides himself. He continues to do over 200 presentations each year.

Friday 10am Stage Room

““Be Flexible, Think Outside The Box’ and Thrive in an Ever Changing Marketplace””

Jim prides himself on repeat and referral bookings and has utilized “outside the box” thinking to assist in accomplishing this goal. He has found numerous ways to  get booked in markets that are supposedly saturated with hypnotic entertainers>

He is currently working on a program to share with other stage hypnotists, including a step-by-step process to follow in approaching the different markets.

Also, Jim continues to love what he does and often signs off with the quote, “remember, when you are having fun, you never work a day in your life.”

So learn Jim’s take on how not only to “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk.” He tries to go by a quote Zig Ziglar shared with him many years ago. “L is for laughing, living, and loving.”

Jim Wand is always a highlight of the Heartland Hypnosis Conference and this year is no exception. Jim is the epitome of the term EXPERT at doing a hypnotic Stage Show. This one will be packed so be sure to show up early and be ready to learn how to Utilize Creativity in Obtaining Repeat and Referral Bookings . After creating over (50) $100,000  repeat clients in my 30 year+ career as a full time stage hypnotist (11,000 professional engagements and counting), a formula has been developed that works. I will also share how to get new bookings in what some call “a saturated marketplace” and how to create referral bookings.