Jennifer Norris-Neilsen, CH, BCH, CI, Bcomm, MSc, MGC

Clinical Applications for Consulting Hypnotists 2–

Saturday 11:00-2:00 pm – Client Centered Narratives

Client Centered Narratives- Develop Dynamic Skills to help your clients change their own Stories

Saturday 28th 2:00-3:00 pm – 3 “Universal” Metaphors to Help Clients Clear Blocks 

Once upon a time there was a client who needed your support… How is this tale going to end? Humans are natural storytellers, so discovering and honing your skills at listening to and creating metaphors for your clients is valuable to the change process and to deeply understand our clients needs. Even if you don’t feel you’re a storyteller right now, there are simple exercises that can increase your capability and confidence in using metaphors therapeutically, in your business and daily life.

  • Review current use and confidence of storytelling/metaphors
  • Understand the power of, and different reasons for tapping into the imagination and storytelling
  • Learn exercises that help participants listen for personal metaphors
  • Discuss options for using client metaphors in the change process
  • Participate in a group/one-to-one exchanges to expose participants to “real time” stories
  • Develop simple approaches to install metaphor Development within a practical setting

Jennifer loves to explore and understand the deeper power of the mind and to share that insight with clients, students and groups interested in discovering the untapped resources available in the subconscious. As a hypnotist in practice for over 15 years, instructor, counselor, trainer, speaker and author of several books, Jennifer translates the language of our deeper selves in clear and simple ways to support learning positive change and personal transformation.