Jeff Richards Post Conference Write your (Darn) Book… NOW2019-01-10T17:21:02-05:00

You’re going to write a book. A real book, one that you can sell through Amazon or your own website. And I’m going to show you how. I’m Jeff Richards, hypnotist and publishing expert, and in this two-day class you’ll discover a formula that has been used repeatedly to write books — good books — quickly and easily, and you’re going to use this formula to write your very own book. We’ll workshop your book during this two-day class, helping each other with every detail of your book, from the title to the cover to chapter names and beyond. Plus, we’ll cover branding, marketing, promoting and selling your book in this jam-packed two-day class. You will learn how to make yourself irresistible to media bookers, how to sell more books from whatever platform you have, and how to turn book sales and promotion into opportunities to do more of the work you love. Best of all, you can use this comprehensive method to write more books…books for any audience and on any topic. Attendees will also get free access to Jeff’s six-week, online book-writing mastermind program. If you’re tired of coming up with reasons why you haven’t finished (or started) your book yet, now is the time to use the creativity you’ve been using on your excuses to fill the pages of your first book. You will need a computer and MSWord-compatible software for this class. Please bring with you any material that you will be using as source material for your book.

Write your book!!!