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Jason Kropidlowski

Jason Kropidlowski was introduced to hypnosis in 1987. Initially, he used hypnosis for athletics, aiding in football, weight lifting, and a mountain bike racing. Later, Jason used hypnosis in the military, assisting with pain management, sleep deprivation, stress management, depression, and later PTSD.

Today, he has made a career of his passion, and is dedicated to share the life altering benefits of hypnosis with others at ROC Hypnosis in Rochester, New York. Jason is both a Consulting Hypnotist and a Stage Hypnotist, Certified Instructor, and founder and President of the Finger Lakes Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Friday 9am Business Room

 10-Steps To Growing a Thriving Practice

ProgramDescription: Within this program, participants will learn 10-easy to apply steps to enhance their business model, promoting increased traffic, credibility, higher close rates, and a steady stream of income potential.
These 10-steps have been the backbone of ROC Hypnosis’s success in going from a 5-client per week practice, to a multi-practitioner practice seeing 30-40 clients weekly, with earning well over 6-figures.
Not only have these 10-steps worked for ROC Hypnosis, but they have been successfully used by other practices throughout different geographical and economic areas in the United States.

BehavioralLearning: This program is designed to help practitioners:

1. Create and apply 10-steps to enhance their current business model.

2. Analyze each of the 10-steps, and apply in their practice.

3. Prepare to be capable of successfully handling increases in leads and potential clients, while expanding their business growth and value.