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Janet Rapala

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Masters of Science in Nursing, Certificate in Massage Therapy, Certificate in Hypnotherapy

I have a Masters degree in Nursing and have held various positions in acute care.  I always enjoyed education and was once responsible for the orientation and education of emergency room personnel at a major Level One Trauma Center.  I obtained my hypnosis certification in 2004 from Art Leidecker.  Since then I have always continued my education.  I opened my hypnosis office, HypnoWorx, in 2014 and I have a general practice.  My interest is in Medical Hypnosis, due to my background.  I am still interested in education and would like to carry my passion for sharing information to my colleagues in hypnosis.

Saturday 3p-4p Metaphysical Room

Pendulums: Revisiting an Ancient Art

Proposed Program Description:
Pendulums are a communication device between the conscious and subconscious mind. The pendulum works by ideomotor response.  In hypnosis we study ideomotor responses. There are ideomotor differences based on gender or hypnotic suggestibility.  This is a beginner level introduction to pendulums and dowsing rods. The participant will be able to assemble and/or use a standard pendulum to answer yes/no questions.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:
The participant will assemble or use a standard pendulum and use it to answer yes/no questions.
The participant will scan the chakra energy centers and interpret the reading.
The participant will use pendulum or dowsing rods to find a hidden object.