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Jane Govoni NGH—Board Certified, instructor, clinical certification, medical hypnosis, pain management, pediatric, stage, NLP, Sports, past life, Birthing with hypnosis, emergency hypnosis
Parmount Wellness Institute—Stress Management Specialist

Jane has been a doing stress management, hypnosis and coaching since 1978. In 1983 she started to practice palmistry. She works with a medical clinic and in industry where she sees clients every week, onsite during work hours. Jane is the author of Faith love and Hypnosis along with speaking at many conferences, schools, hospitals and industry. She is a wife, mother and grandmother and can be found living on a little lake in Wisconsin with Jim and Daisy the Dog.

Jane will be presenting in the Metaphysical Room during the 2019 Heartland Hypnosis Conference

Friday 11am Metaphysical Room

Palmistry and hand reflexology for the hypnotist for greater insight and success.

Proposed Program Title and Format:
Palmistry and hand reflexology for the hypnotist for greater insight and success.

The format will include lecture–expierencing the techniques and handout or ebook

Proposed Program Description:
For 35 years I have been a student of hands. The hands are full of information from color, temperature, muscle tone and skin flexibility not to mention the size and shape or the intricate lines creating a map. Proverbs 3:16 says the length of days is in her right hand and riches and honor in her left. I believe the right hand is what God gives us and the left what we do with it. You can analyze a hand covertly and come away with knowledge to help your client become successful. Check your own hand to see if you are living up to your potential.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:
This workshop is created to:
1.      Analyze the hand to gain knowledge about the personality of your client .
2.      Utilize the information to create better and more successful sessions.