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Helen Mitas

Helen Mitas is a leading Clinical Hypnotherapist, a published author of the book Mindset Dominance, international speaker, Hypnotherapy business mentor and respected leader in her field around the globe.

As the Founder of Hypnofit, Helen Mitas has helped thousands of people overcome depression, anxiety and self sabotaging behaviours through her renowned and ground-breaking Hypnofit ‘Take Control’ Hypnosis Programs.

Helen is a woman on a mission to increase awareness globally of the power of Hypnotherapy to help people live the life they deserve safely & naturally without unnecessary medication.

Helen will be making several presentations during the 2019 Heartland Hypnosis Conference

Friday 10am Business Track

Creating Programs That Change Lives and Keep You Fully Booked for Months in Advance

Your clients need to know that you have a system that will provide a solution to their problems. A system that will not only address their presenting problem, but the underlying issues or habits that lie at the root cause

This presentation will explain:

* An understanding of how people make decisions to buy from Hypnotherapists

* How to create programs based on your skills, resources & strengths

* How to present a compelling offering allowing you to be fully booked months in advance

* Gold on running a successful business from a 7 figure earning Hypnotherapist

Saturday 3p-5pm Business Track

How I made $165k in my First Year of my Hypnotherapy Business without Advertising

Participants will learn how to have a successful Hypnotherapy Business by:

* Learning what it takes to have a success mindset

* 20 Different ways to get clients that cost next to nothing

* Why its critical to your business success that you provide a Solution to a Client and not just a band aid

* How to Get Social Proof that you are the credible professional you say you are

* And lots of golden gems on running a successful business from a 7 figure earning Hypnotherapist

Sunday 10 am-noon Clinical Track Room 1

Time Line Therapy Made Easy. How to Remove Emotional Blockages with Precision Every Time

* Live Demonstrations of the most powerful technique to remove emotional blockages with precision every time

* Time Line Therapy Made Easy Script

* How to make sure you OVER deliver on your clients expectations every time

* How to structure a program that provides a wholistic solution to your clients needs and NOT just offer a band aid that is a temporary relief