Conference Abstracts

Your Website is Horrible

If changing the photo on the front page of your website would double the number of bookings you got, would you do it? Yes of course you would! But how would you know to make that change? Would your web designer tell you? Do they even know? (Hint: they don’t know, they can’t know).

You’ve got a website (or you want a website) for your practise or shows. Maybe you’re not very technical so you rely on a web designer, or maybe you build it yourself using an online service like Squarespace. After all there’s lots of good examples online to guide you, and millions of other people have websites – so what’s the problem?

I’m a 30-years+ veteran of information technology and a (recovering) web developer who is now a full-time hypnotist entertainer.

I’m going to tell you that there’s a very good chance that your current website wont much help you in the way you’d like it to. And also that it is fixable.

I have nothing to sell you. I’m happy to show you what’s really happening with your website and other people’s, and to make you a more informed buyer/owner.

In this session we’ll go through how the “web designer” industry works – and what you need to know to get the best from it. And why the approach most people use to getting a website is doomed to failure. (Sorry, but you need to know this).

We’ll go through what matters with your website (it’s not what you think) and what does not matter, even though you think it matters.

We’ll go through (in simple lay person terms) what happens under the hood of a website and how that affects how many people contact you.

We’ll go through some practical ways that you can measurably improve your website to get the results that you want from it.

Reading about websites is like drinking from a firehose. There’s so much info and it quickly becomes overwhelming and out of date.

There are so many people offering amazing deals you’re spoiled for choice. They’ll promise you everything. Everything that is except guaranteed results.

Let me help you cut through the chaff to focus on the “main things”. Let me show you how you can keep that focus and take practical understandable steps to getting better results from your website. Let me show you how this is practical for someone like me (or you) who perhaps cannot devote a great deal of time and money to it.

I guarantee you’ll be better informed at the end of this. You’ll probably also hate me. I apologise in advance.

Adding Energy and Crowd Interaction to Your Stage Show

I have an entertainment style that is high energy and gets a lot of crowd interaction. Many of my shows end with the audience standing (even standing on chairs) and crowded around the stage, with noise and laughter and yells and hoots.

It’s not an accident. There’s a whole slew of techniques that work together to create a high energy show.

Let me share some with you.

We’ll look at laying out the room and stage area and the affect this has.

We’ll touch on music and sound and how those can build your show.

But mainly we’ll look at you and how you present yourself on stage.

This isn’t a “chalk and talk session”. It’ll be practical and I’ll get you up doing things. If you just want to sit at the back and take notes – too bad, that is not permitted here. You cannot learn to ride a bike only by taking notes.

At the end you’ll have some knowledge and choices you can make and implement in your shows and presentations when you want to build energy. You’ll be a more capable and flexible speaker and entertainer.

Hey! Can You Hear Me Out There? Skills and knowledge in how to use sound equipment.

You’ve got a microphone? Maybe a good one? Okay – you’re all set and everything will be perfect from here on. By the way – how do you know that’s a “good” microphone. Really? But you know it’s good. . .

Or maybe it is not.

How does that stuff really work? Is it magic? Why are there even different types of microphones at all?

You’ve got or you are getting some speakers as well? Lovely. What are the differences – jeepers – there are some out there that cost $3000 per speaker! Are they insane? This one is 500Watts – really? Is that good? Is that too much or not enough? How can you be sure?

When I learned about stage hypnotism and about doing shows not much attention was given to sound equipment and how to choose it or how to use it. That didn’t affect me at the start because I was into audio since high school and I had professional sound crew and equipment with me at every show. But now doing many shows solo I have had to get a better understanding of these things. That knowledge will help you too.

In recent years I have spent time with a number of other performers and many musicians and have come to realise that most people just don’t understand this audio stuff. And a little bit of knowledge can really pay off. After all, what good is 10,000 hours of singing practise and a $5000 guitar if you can’t use a microphone properly. Same goes for stage hypnotists too.

So lets look at the different types of gear out there and what is relevant to you.

There are some ways you can set up your speakers that look okay, and seem to work but will lose you people from the stage anyway – would you like to know how and why that happens? Did you know that some of the people you didn’t hypnotise simply couldn’t hear you well enough even though you thought they could?

This will be 50 minutes on sound equipment in simple terms you will understand. Afterwards you’ll use what equipment you already have, but better, and you’ll make better decisions when you come to buy or upgrade that gear.

You’ll know a bit about compression and equalisation and how and where to use them – a few simple tech terms that you need to understand and to work better with professional crew when you do.

You’ll take notes.

For many this is not the sexiest topic – but it one you really need to understand as a true professional and ignore it at your peril. Sort out your sound once and get it right – then you can rely on it for the next decade. It’s worth the effort.