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Fabio De Carvalho

MBA Master Business in Administration
Scrum Master

Hypnosis Affiliations: NGH – National Guild of Hypnotist
Liga Nacional de Hipnose Clínica (Brazil)
International Hypnosis Federation
American Board of Hypnotherapy
International Association for Clinical Hypnosis and Experimental (Spain)
International Hypnosis Association

Fábio Augusto de Carvalho is a Poet, Writer and a Hypnotist. Expert in business consulting and people management, graduated in Information Technology from the Catholic University of Campinas (Brazil), specialized in Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital at the University of Chile, hold a MBA from the FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas. Developed an international career as an executive, manager and business consultant, working in more than 20 countries. In the last two decades he has studied, practiced and taught hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming and coaching as tools applied to personal, professional development and educational training programs. He is the author of “Reflexões de um Hipnólogo” and “Como se fosse”, coordinates study groups of so-called “altered states of consciousness” and is the host of the podcast of hypnosis “HypnoCast”. President of NGH North Texas chapter, former president of the Brazilian Society of Hypnology, he is an instructor recognized by the International Hypnosis Federation, a member of the International Hypnosis Association, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Association for Clinical Hypnosis and Experimental (Spain), among others. Fabio lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and son

Saturday 1pm Clinical Room 1

10 Hypnotic Strategies for Accelerate Learning.
– Expositive. Slide deck to support each strategy will be provided in a form of an eBook to each of the participants.


10 Hypnotic Strategies for Accelerate Learning.
Learn how to use Hypnosis to optimize and accelerate your learning process to quickly learn new skills.
This workshop is designed to help you:
a) Understand Educational Hypnosis
b) Recognize the role of hypnosis in learning
c) Utilize an efficient way of using hypnosis and memory techniques
d) Apply hypnosis in the preparation of clients for exams, tests and for faster knowledge acquisition
e) Articulate how Educational Hypnosis can be a great allied to accelerated learning techniques

Friday 1pm Business Room

Generate more leads with Bot Automation and Convert them into Clients.
Automation can reduce cost, increase capacity, and improve service delivery quality for your practice.

This workshop is designed to help you:
– Understand BOT Automation and its benefits for your business
– Save time with bots that automate your daily business tasks
– Using BOT Automation to generate leads and interact with prospects
– Keep up the conversation with clients even when you are busy
– Live demonstration (bring your laptop and learn hands-on)