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Learn how to help people overcome Addiction!!

      $550 for 2-DAY WORKSHOP

April 24th, 25th prior to Heartland Hypnosis Conference

Dr Randi Konikoff Pre Conference Workshop

Freedom from Addiction’s Dirty Dozen

This innovative 2-day PRE CONFERENCE provides you with education and tools to use hypnosis in the treatment of the most prevalent addictive behaviors.  We will focus on the brain’s reward system and plasticity to assist the client in reprogramming their neurochemistry.  Breaking the chains of addiction and offering freedom from life-limiting and destructive patterns.

Included in this program:

Education on the 12 most common forms of addiction

Overview of the Disease of Addiction

Understanding of Brain Plasticity

Explanation of the Hedonic Set Point

Intake worksheets

Scripts for each type of program

Workbook containing the entire 12 programs

*The chemical addiction programs are appropriate for both clients who are non-medicated and for those on prescribed medications for substance withdrawal maintenance.

Disclaimer: This is not a medical program and chemically addicted clients are recommended to attend a 72 hour detoxification program prior to beginning this treatment.  Proof of completion may be required.

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Addiction’s Dirty Dozen:

  1. Chemical *

  2. Food

  3. Gambling

  4. Shopping

  5. Pornography

  6. Stealing

  7. Hoarding

  8. Thrill Seeking

  9. Internet

  10. Gaming

  11. Negativity

  12. Relationships



Freedom From Addiction’s Dirty Dozen