Dr Mike Lips



How To Effectively Counter Evangelical Christian Objections to Hypnosis.

I’ve been a Consulting Hypnotist for 27 years. In that 27 years, I have found that most objections to the use of hypnosis comes from Evangelical Christian Community who believe, like me, that the Bible is inerrant (with error). If the Bible, especially the King James Version, says it, it must be true.

In their book, Hypnosis and Christianity, Martin and Deidre Bobgan denounce the use of hypnosis. They attempt to position hypnosis as being evil, demonic, by quoting several Scriptures concerning the “Holiness Social Rite Codes,” which include: Leviticus 19:26, 31; 20:6; Deuteronomy 18:9-14; 2 Kings 21:6; 2 Chronicles 33:6; Jeremiah 27:9; Isaiah 47:9-13. Other authors, such as Dave Hunt, “The Cult Explosion”; Hobart E. Freeman, “Angels of Light?”; Dennis and Rita Bennett, “The Holy Spirit and You” agree with the Bobgans.

But the main Scripture referenced by the Bobgans, and others, is Deuteronomy 18:9-14. Most Evangelical authors, and other so called experts who claim, for example, that hypnosis is the same as “divination” and “enchanter”[Deuteronomy 18:10] are lacking an accurate and truthful “exegesis.” Not one author above has done this. What am I talking about? First, let’s define “exegesis.”

Exegesis comes from the Greek exegesis, “interpretation,” from exegeisthai, “to draw out or explain” verses or passages of Scripture (Donald K. McKim’s Dictory of Theological Terms, 1996).

Since the exegesis of these verses is central to any Christian objection to hypnosis, it’s important to be accurate. Now let’s do what the Bobgans and others failed to do. Let’s look at two of the words often used to object to the use of hypnosis: “Charmers” and “Enchanters” found in Deuteronomy 18:10.

Vs. 10: Divination (Hebrew, Qesem, “Keh’-sem”) False prophesying by one who attempts to learn the will of the gods in order to manipulate the circumstances.


Vs. 10: Enchanter (Hebrew, Nachash, “naw-khash”) Casting a magical spell. To foretell. Practices magic (divines- foretells by signs).

Hypnosis cannot be found in either of the above words. You see, people fear what they do not know.

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