H Douglas Jones M.Ed., BCH, CI
Performance Coach

Board Certified Hypnotist and Instructor

H Douglas Jones is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor with the NGH, a successful stage hypnotist know as Howie Hypnotize,  he has a Masters in Education.  Doug was the shy kid in school but with hypnosis has over come that.  He is now speaks on a  regular basis to schools and colleges. He was born asking questions, he is a life learner and when he is not doing hypnosis he is outdoors.  Doug runs a full time hypnosis practice in Rochester, NY which specializes in weight loss, stress relief and sports performance.

Making money with groups  – lecture

How many times have you received a call from a potential client who is interested in your services but not willing to invest in your up-front costs?  You don’t have to turn them away; the answer is group sessions

Group sessions enable you to offer clients a “taste” of hypnosis.  For a small fee and short time investment, you can introduce a whole new demographic to hypnosis; these are individuals who in most cases, would have looked the other way at a full cost individual session.  In your group session, build rapport, demonstrate value, and create a new pool of potential clients or people who will talk about or refer your services.

Students will be able to (SWBAT):
Describe how to set up an office for a group session 
Learn how to pick and advertise to a group to fill a class
List different sources for advertisement 
Design a program to attract and up sell clientele 
Prepare handouts and other materials 
Explain how to run a session from beginning to end
Sources – NGH weight script