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David Youhas

Associates in Applied Sciences (majoring electronics)
Licensed Passenger Elevator and Escalator Mechanic in Illinois
Master Practitioner Hypnotherapist
Master Practitioner N.L.P.
Master Practitioner N.L.P. Coaching
Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy
Master Vision Board Coach
Certified Performance Coach
Certified Relationship Coach
Toastmasters International Competent Communicator

My name is David Youhas and I am the host of; Awaken The Mind – The NLP and Hypnosis Guide. I have an audio and video background as well as coaching, NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis.

Create Your Own Podcast – Everything You Need To Know

Proposed Program Description:
Having your own podcast is instant social proof for your business and continuous learning from each interview. We will cover everything from the software, web services, sound equipment, video equipment, interviewing, editing, uploading, publishing and broadcasting.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:
1. Plan and give an overview of the process, from scratch to broadcast.
2. Describe the minimum equipment and services needed.
3. Apply and utilize editing audio with Audacity®.
4. Critique outsourcing services to save you time and tap into other’s genius.
5. Discuss class questions from attendants