Dan Jamison Goyette

Degrees, Title, Professional Certifications:
certified clinical hypnotherapist /paramedic firefighter / AA member of THE AMERICAN Psychological Association.  undergraduate studies in  psychology university of Phoenix. education methodology Baker collage Cadillac MI.

Working with first responders in the treatment of prevalent stress management

I put this program together to help treat what I call prevalent stress.  there is a lot of talk about PSTD but for first responders still working in the field, the stress is never post it is there every day all day.as a 30 year veteran in the field of fire and ems I know all too well about this type of stress it comes from the knowledge of as bad as that last call was the next could be worse in could happen at any time and so the term prevalent . I have put together this program to help you as a clinical hypnotist to help you clients with this type of crushing stress.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:
Learning objectives
1 discuss just what is prevalent stress
2 discuss the signs and symptoms of prevalent stress
3 discussed how this can lead to anxiety, depression and even suicidal ideology
4 look at techniques to help clients beginning to manage their symptoms
5 finally discuss techniques to help clients overcome this and find a sense of normalcy