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Cheryl Elman

Certified Hypnotist
CMT    Certified Master Trainer  (IACT)
IMDHA School Certified Instructor
BS Ed- Syracuse University
Accredited SleepTalk for Children Trainer


Cheryl Elman has a BS in Varying Exceptionalities K-12 and Elementary Ed plus 30 years experience in Business.  She is president and the marketing force behind the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute.  As a Certified Hypnotist and International Speaker/Trainer, Cheryl has presented at major conferences plus co-trained with Larry Elman in 17 countries.  Cheryl has a hypnosis practice and is an Accredited Trainer and Consultant for the Goulding Process of SleepTalk™ for Children.  Her ability as an artist blends with her energy and sense of humor to create fun, informative and interactive presentations.

Saturday 3pm Clinical Room 1

Putting Your Client in the Pilot Seat of their Control Room

Proposed Program Description:
This presentation will center on taking clients to the ‘Control Room’ of their minds which is an effective way to accomplish change.  Learn through interactive discussion different strategies for approaching Mission Control, plus metaphors and structures to fit your individual client and use of the remote control.  These techniques are effective in both pain management and emotional shifts, PTSD and more.  Learn to install an express elevator within your client to use together or to use for their own self-hypnosis.  Help your clients gain control of their own changes and their own lives.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:
Participants will
– be able to identify at least 3 variations for the “Control Room”.
– identify at least 2 methods for guiding their client into and out of the Control Room
– discuss the techniques of using a remote control.
– list several strategies for change using these techniques

The Control room is a powerful hypnotherapy tool and attendees will benefit increased effectiveness with their clients

Control Room techniques can vary in depth of trance and are adaptable to the extent which a hypnotist guides or leads the client and/or lets them discover and clear out or adjust issues on their own.  Through imagination, you can help your client go “where no ‘man’ has gone before”.

Sunday 11am Clinical Room 2

Dave Elman Inductions