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Chantel Renee

Chantelle Renee

As a child CHANTELLE RENEE was very aware of her spiritual connection and could recognize that many people in the world had no awareness of their direct connection to the Divine. As a Child Seeker and an Empath,  She spent most of her time in her inner world pondering life’s purpose and the mechanics of creation.

Knowing that there was much more to life than we were taught She kept her philosophies to herself remaining in the spiritual closet until 2013.  That’s when she awakened to her life’s mission. To serve in the evolution of humanity during this great shift in human consciousnesses. Chantelle Renee is a published author. Her book “Aligning with the Divine” is still available. She is a spiritual guide and a board-Certified Hypnotist CH.

Chantelle Will present on Vibrational Hypnosis in the Metaphysical room

Saturday 10am Metaphysical Room

Vibrational Hypnosis-Connecting Clients to Their Energy of Purpose, Passion and Power

Our spiritual selves give us a perspective that moves us beyond limiting beliefs, fear and self-sabotage. Learn how to connect with vibrational energy to create spiritual prosperity into your life. Using metaphors that take you beyond your limiting thinking Chantelle Renee is a master at helping you connect to your sense of purpose, authentic power and passion. Expand and learn how to use tools and techniques for energy work to bring spiritual prosperity into you and your client’s life.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:

1. How to harness the power of your energy to align with the harmonics of the perfect universe.

2. How to get you heart online to tap into inner peace, connection, intuition, loss of fear to become a master of your mind.

3. Practical hypnosis techniques to tap into the nervous system of the solar plexus to activate energy flow.

4. How to practice energy awareness and management.

5. Core questions to ask to learn about the borrowed beliefs people hold onto.

6. How to create an action plan for manifesting step by step process to create the life you want.