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Caryn Bird

Caryn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Parkside and has professional experience in the fields of psychology and corporate marketing. Caryn’s career in hypnosis began when she and her husband chose to birth their third child using HypnoBirthing. After her pain-free childbirth experience, Caryn realized the power of the mind and subsequently, became a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Consulting Professional Hypnotist.  Caryn began her own hypnosis practice, Win with Hypnosis, in 2004. She specializes in Sports Performance Hypnosis/Mental Toughness Training and has helped hundreds of athletes achieve their highest goals and dreams.

Hypnotherapist Caryn Bird is the author of ATTITUDE OF A CHAMPION. Caryn’s niche is working with athletes for mental toughness and confidence. Her practice Win With Hypnosis, is located in Burlington, WI.  She teaches workshops around the world on how to successfully work with athletes using sports hypnosis. Her passion is not only helping athletes reach their peak performance, but to assist other hypnotherapists find a profitable niche.

Saturday 2-3 Business Track Room

The Power of Niching
The Power of Niching for Profit and Success in the Hypnosis Business
You make a difference, enjoy what you do every day, make a healthy profit, and live like a champion! Most hypnotherapists are drawn to this profession by wanting to make in difference in people’s lives; helping people be happier and healthier.Yet, the matter of building a thriving business is scary, uncharted territory.The stark reality is that 90% of hypnotherapists struggle to build a full-time profitable business. They constantly worry about where the next client is coming from and are at a complete loss as to where to devote their energy, time, and resources.

There is one single key to joining the 10% of hypnotherapists who have clients seeking them out and enjoy a thriving practice.  It comes down to one critical decision — the decision to niche your practice.So, let’s jump in…and explore what it means to niche, what your perfect niche is, and how picking your niche will help “make you rich”
Explore with the attendees who has niched their business and what their niches are.
Describe (and have the attendees describe) what it feels like to not be profitable, have enough clients and not know where to focus their time and energy.
Do a relaxation and future visualization with the attendees of how it looks and how it feels to be the expert in their niche.
Discuss that there are enough clients and niches for all of us to be rich.
Create a plan and discuss resources for each niche that a hypnotist would like to focus on.

Degrees, Title, Professional Certifications:
B.A. Psychology – UW-Parkside
NGH Consulting Professional Hypnotherapist
HypnoBirthing Practioner
ICBCH Professional Hypnotist