*Everyone submitting a proposal to speak at the conference MUST submit a video promoting EACH presentation. You can simply use your smartphone to record it! You can send to mitchellhypnosis@gmail.com or through Google Drive, Dropbox or any of the other cloud services. The easiest way is to record on your phone then submit the video to youtube or vimeo and send us the URL. This is a REQUIRED element for 2021. No proposals will be reviewed without the video. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us (mitchellhypnosis@gmail.com, raylytle@gmail.com) for direction on how to do it. This is a new and exciting element we are adding to the Speaker approval process.

    By submitting this proposal, you are agreeing to promote the Heartland Hypnosis Conference and your participation in the conference to your community members and followers on social media platforms you participate on and to any email lists you maintain related to your hypnosis practice. In addition, you agree to participate in any webinars or interview sessions William Mitchell Events might schedule leading up to the event and possible follow-up sessions after the event has concluded. You also agree to allow usage of your video you submitted as part of this proposal to be used for promotion of the Heartland Hypnosis conference and your presentation.

    Thank you for submitting your proposal to present at the 2021 Heartland Hypnosis Conference. If accepted and approved Presenters receive a 50% discount on the registration fee (only $150 if your proposal has been submitted and approved before February 1, 2021). The discounted conference fee includes your participation in all seminars and lunch for all 3 days.

    We look forward to receiving and reviewing your proposal.

    PLEASE NOTE: You need to provide a list of the behavioral objectives the participants are expected to achieve for each of the tracks listed. Please click here to view “How to Write Behavioral Objectives”.

    Presenters with selected Proposals must agree to the following stipulations:
    • Provide a recent 500 pixel by 500 pixel photo(s) website, social media profile links and biographical data
    • Provide a short video (from a phone is fine) either thru cloud or give youtube URL promoting your presentation
    • Send at least 2 emails to your mailing list promoting the Heartland Hypnosis Conferences and your presentation
    • Participate in a webinar or webinars featuring presenters.
    • Collaborate with other presenters and William Mitchell Events in actively promoting the Heartland Hypnosis conferences.
    • Refrain from making any substantial changes in program content or format without prior approval from William Mitchell Events.
    • Allow William Mitchell Events to audio and/or video record the presentation for educational purposes and future use.
    • Refrain from using the session time as an infomercial. (You may use the last 5 minutes of your presentation time to mention and promote your products or services and supply brochures.)
    • Submit registration fees for the conference to secure your presentation position for the conference.

    By submitting this proposal form electronically, you agree to the above stipulations.

    To attract more Heartland Hypnosis Conference attendees and to get speakers to do social media posts about the class they will present at
    this conference.
    All approvals are provisional until the presenter registers and pays the registration fee and submits a 400 word Blog about their topic.
    Not a sales pitch to attend your class. Rather we want content about your topic. Information in your Blog that will inform people about your topic.
    These will be used on both speakers and Heartland's social media and the Heartland website.

    William Mitchell, M. Div., BCH, CI
    Founder/Managing Director
    William Mitchell Events
    Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis
    Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinics
    Please submit below or return this completed form by mail or email to MITCHELLHYPNOSIS@GMAIL.COM
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