Gordon Boyd

Friday Clinical Track

5:00-6:00 pm – Ericksonian Paradigms: The “No Fail” Approach

Is there really a “fail safe” 100% guaranteed approach to entering trance?

Are there some universal principles exhibited in the life and work of Milton Erickson that produce powerful results with elegance?

How did Erickson tailor make his interventions for each unique person and their concerns with freshness?

How may we use these insights to “ditch the script?”

Why do principles properly precede techniques?

How may one incorporate these principles in their own work in their own way?

How did Erickson’s work contrast with the “laboratory” approach employed by many of his academic contemporaries?

What did Erickson do that had the power to alter the expression of reality? It is also the heart of science!

What did Galileo have in common with Milton Erickson?

How can a lost horse be returned to its proper farmer?

How may a young man in love make the world disappear?

Who was Procrustes and why does it matter?

What great hypnotic secret did Captain James T. Kirk understand?

What important hypnotic principle did an infamous English Schoolmaster fail to understand and what can it lead to?

Can one actually achieve enlightenment though a submarine sandwich?

And, finally, why oh why did Erickson ask so many questions?

These and other questions are addressed by way of didactics and demonstration in the brief address Some of My Favorite Ericksonian Paradigms