Promo Video that Makes Clients WANT to Book Your Show!
Clients make their final hiring decision based on your video. A great promo video is the most important marketing piece in your business.
Learn simple but important strategies to maximize the potential of your video, and benefit from an IMMEDIATE increase in bookings:
– How to sequence your promo clips to make your video irresistible.
– How to get great new footage at every event.
– Camera techniques that evoke interest and attention.
– Avoid the video “deal-breakers” that cause clients to lose interest.
Learning Objectives:
This workshop is designed to help you:
1. Organize your existing promo footage to make it more compelling.
2. Recognize opportunities to continuously improve your promo video.
3. Apply strategies for obtaining high quality video footage at every event.
4. Create a promo video that appeals to the needs of our prospects.
Erick Känd has been in the business of hypnosis since 2001. He’s performed Stage Hypnosis shows in every state of the USA, hypnotizing over 20,000 people along the way. His Youtube channel has over 3 million views. He used to work as a CPA, and he kind of looks like Howie Mandel. Visit him at