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The Rare Recordings of Dave Elman

      Group Discussion, Analysis and Their Relevance to Today.

Post-conference May 1, 2017

Dave Elman taught hypnosis to more physicians and dentists than anyone before him, and his methods have continued to be taught to thousands more each year since.   Dave produced many recordings of hypnosis sessions, classes, hypnotic treatments of patients and specific recordings designed to be guides to his physician students.  It is believed that over 100 hours of hypnosis material was professionally recorded yet less than one-half of this can be found.

This one-day course will focus on excerpts from his recordings. You will listen to not only hypnosis content, but in addition, other recordings from his earlier careers and how these helped Dave Elman hone his techniques.  You will experience the audio records and will analyze and discuss the techniques and approaches used.

Group discussion of the semantics and evolution of Dave’s methods gives an illustration of cultural mores.  For you as a hypnotist, this provides the ability to improve your patter and relate it more easily to a variety of age groups and backgrounds.

One recording deals with the regression and hypnotherapy of a stuttering man.  Through age regression, we learn that the ISE occurred around 3-4 years old when he unknowingly hurt some animals. Subsequently, his alcoholic father over-reacted, not taking into account the boy’s age.  Through Dave Elman’s understanding and re-framing of the incident, the man stopped stuttering.

Several of the recordings show the development of the Dave Elman Induction from a three minute to a one minute ‘routine’. This was especially conducive to the medical environment, and continues to be apropos today in all aspects of hypnosis. Additional recordings will include the Magic Fairy, Migraine Headaches, Obstetrical Preparation, Weight Management, Nail Biter and many more.

Prior to teaching hypnosis, Dave Elman’s Radio Program, Hobby Lobby, demonstrated his excellent ability to capture the radio audience and lead them to visualize what was happening on stage in the studio.  This skill augmented his ability in the use of Suggestion, and provides useful examples for our profession today.

Why take this course? You will hear Dave Elman teach and demonstrate his approaches to the doctors.

You will benefits by your:

  • Expansion of your techniques using Dave’s proven methods.
  • Improving the adaption of your patter to be more client-centered and direct as Dave Elman taught.
  • Gaining confidence using the Dave Elman Induction through understanding of his voice and inflections.
  • Understand the differences between recall and revivification modes in age regression.
  • Strengthening of your self-assurance in various methods working with children, not only the induction, but also in diverting a child from an unpleasant procedure or event.
  • Increasing your knowledge of the use of waking hypnosis as a prelude to trance states as well as use in more public settings. (i.e. Civic group presentations, schools, etc)
  • Developing the ability to modify a hypnosis script for the unexpected client response, or presenting problem.
  • Receive a group of Dave Elman audio clips from the class
  • Receive a class manual for your library


Join us for a fun filled, stimulating day of experiencing Dave Elman first hand and through the eyes of his son, Larry Elman who took his classes three times, plus some demos by Cheryl Elman.

Cheryl and Larry Elman create an energetic and dynamic duo which makes this class both fun and informative.  Time flies by. Workshop activities will be included.  Look forward to seeing you there.

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   H Larry Elman is the son of Dave Elman and attending his course along with the physicians and dentists three times as a teenager.   He is an MIT Aeronautical Engineer and retired Air Force Colonel.  He is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor (CI) and Certified Hypnotist (CH).

Cheryl Elman is the president of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute and has a BS in Ed and Varying Exceptionalities.  She is a Certified Master Trainer (CMT) and Certified Hypnotist (CH) plus an Accredited Goulding SleepTalk Trainer and Consultant.

Cheryl and Larry were awarded 2014 MAHC Hypnotists of the Year and have presented and taught in 18 countries on 5 continents.  They are both energetic and humorous in their courses and work well as a team much like Dave and Pauline Elman did in both their careers in Radio and teaching Hypnosis.