Product Description

Have you ever wanted to take three classes, all offering information you know you need, but they were in different places at the same time?
May 1, 2017

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Great News: This class is like attending five career boosting training’s in one, all in the same day. Tom Nicoli will be presenting a jam packed, full day of what it takes to be a successful practicing hypnotist. Be prepared to learn more in one day than you may have in the last year. With the continual shifts and changes happening in the economy coupled with people’s search for a real solution to their problems, this is the perfect time for this one day class.

Becoming a successful practicing hypnotist, and maintaining a successful practice, requires much more than the majority of hypnotism professionals know or realize. Stop the Madness! With more and more growth in technology, information, communication and the avalanche of overwhelm… a clear, concise approach to practicing as a hypnotist and as a small business owner is essential. In this one day class, you will learn how to be focused, streamlined and on target to your success.

You will…

  • Learn highly effective interviewing techniques to properly assess the presenting client’s issue and gain their trust and confidence
  • Learn practical ways to remove the sabotage of denial with every client for greater success
  • Learn how to confidently induce hypnosis quickly for more effective sessions… with or without ever touching the client
  • Learn a detailed explanation and demonstration of a variety of hypnotic inductions
  • Learn how to quickly, covertly and effectively assess clients for the best induction
  • Learn proven intervention techniques to end negative behavior patterns and have happy returning clients
  • Learn the “magic” of metaphors and why being skilled at them is a must for your practice

Who Should Attend? Every consulting hypnotist wanting to increase their present skill set and/or learn new skills and techniques. An investment of 1 day and a nominal fee lets you tap into years of accumulated knowledge; learn proven methods and newest techniques; and return home informed and inspired.

Take-home Materials:

70 Page Reference Manual – For case study use during the course and as a permanent reference source back on the job, each participant receives a comprehensive course workbook. The workbook contains a number of valuable forms, written inductions, intervention scripts, marketing techniques, publicity strategies and a lot more…all designed to provide the type of information necessary to help create and sustain a successful hypnotism practice.

Custom Hypnosis CD – Tom Nicoli’s custom created hypnosis audios have helped people in 50 countries… and he’s created a Custom Hypnosis CD specifically for students attending this 1 day class. This Custom CD is to increase confidence and success as a practicing hypnotist.


“Tom runs a seminar which is lively and keeps your attention. He gives information which is worth way more than the course. He brings forth what you need to know to be successful” —James Walker, Jr.

“It was well worth the time and effort coming to the course. I flew from Kentucky. I would highly recommend this course to any hypnotist who wants to be more successful.” —Rosemary Strauss

“The training with Tom Nicoli was outstanding. It was educational, entertaining and inspiring. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn from one of the best, as a hypnotist and successful leader in the business and profession of hypnotism.” —Steve Young

Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI, OB … has been a consistent leader in the profession of hypnotism during his 17 year career, while helping colleagues around the world increase their skill set and careers in his information packed seminars and courses. He is an internationally published author, speaker, trainer, life coach and Certified Professional Consultant, a Board Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, an NGH Certified Instructor, Certified Instructor Coach, NGH Advisory Board Member, Order of Braid Council Member and adjunct faculty member. Starting out from bankruptcy and working tirelessly through lots of trial and error, Tom knows what works… with clients and in business. He shares and teaches practical, useful and career building strategies and techniques he has learned and applied throughout his career… and now is ready to share it with you.