There is a vast client market of athletes looking for the secrets of being a champion.  All top athletes are looking for how to get that mental edge over their competition while others are looking to overcome performance anxiety and mental blocks.  This market ranges from Olympic hopefuls, college athletes, adults training for marathons and even elementary aged kids.  An athlete’s success is 10% physical and 90% mental! Hypnosis helps them reach their peak performance!
Working with an athlete is a bit different than working with many of the other clients hypnotists typically see.  Most athletes already have a clear sense of goals, what they need to improve and what they want to achieve. A successful hypnotist must help give the athlete that extra piece of the puzzle (mental toughness and confidence) as well as help him develop a Mental Toughness Training Program.
In this class, I will share a step-by-step approach that will guarantee success with every athlete.  We will look at proven techniques, client forms and required homework.  We also will discuss the importance of visualization, personal power words and self-hypnosis as we explore the secrets to working with athletes.


Building rapport with a client is so much more than looking good on paper. Generally, the best predictor of success in therapy is rapport—feelings of trust and respect between the participants.  The way a hypnotist relates to and treats a client is the key to being a successful hypnotist.  Rapport starts with the first contact whether it be an email, phone call or first appointment and ends with the final follow-up email.  Let’s talk confidence mixed with empathy!
Master the skills needed to relate to your clients from the first contact through the follow-up email.
Utilize the key techniques in establishing rapport with a client; listening, mirroring, pacing, empathy
Apply these techniques in every appointment and with every client.
Discuss how to establish trust with each client whether you personally relate or not.
Acquire referrals from every client you see.
Caryn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Prior to finding her passion in hypnosis, she worked in the psychology and marketing fields as a Director of Sales and Director of Operations.  When Caryn and her husband chose to birth their third child using HypnoBirthing, she realized the power of  hypnosis.  Caryn became a Hypnobirthing Practitioner and a year later a Consulting Hypnotist.  Coming from a family of upper level athletes and raising a family of wrestlers, she began her work primarily with athletes but branched out when she found herself also seeing the family members and referrals from the athletes.  Caryn has a successful practice in Burlington, WI and has been practicing 14 years.  Caryn specializes in Sports Performance Hypnosis/Sports Mental Toughness Training and has helped hundreds of athletes, including collegiate and Olympic Trail athletes, achieve their goals and dreams.